Eucalyptus Essential Oil 15 ml
  •  Eucalyptus Essential Oil 15 ml

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil 10 ml

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Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade 10 ml

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Eucalyptus is an excellent choice to use for colds, sore throats and flu. Steam inhalations with lemon-scented eucalyptus help clear the sinuses and relieve headaches. A couple of drops of lemon-scented eucalyptus used in the bath, perhaps blended with lavender and rosemary, is refreshing and uplifting, good for athlete’s foot, herpes and dandruff, and makes an excellent insect repellent. It dispels fatigue and debility; it also clears the mind and can assist in making decisions.

This eucalyptus is useful in meditation to keep the mind clear and focused.

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