Clove Bud Pure Essential Oil 10 ml
  • Clove Bud Pure Essential Oil 10 ml

Clove Essential Oil 10 ml

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Clove Bud Pure Premium Grade Essential Oil 10ml - Indonesia


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Clove bud is the first choice as first aid for toothache. A couple of drops of clove essential oil on a cotton wool bud, applied to the aching tooth, has a slight anesthetic affect, relieving pain for a few hours. If the pain is caused by a lost filling, a piece of cotton wool soaked in clove oil and inserted into the cavity will have the same analgesic, anesthetic effect.

Strong antiseptic properties make clove good at preventing colds and influenza. Overall, clove is pain-relieving, comforting and revitalizing.

Psychologically, clove is both restorative and stimulating.

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