What is spelt?

Originating in Iran and Southeastern Europe, spelt is one of the first grains ever used to make bread. In fact, it’s one of the oldest cultivated crops in human history and has been consumed for thousands of years.

Spelt is a grain in the wheat family, and can be consumed whole, hulled, or in flour form. Known as one of the ancient grains (along with quinoa, barley, chia, and more), it rose in popularity in the 1980s when the health food movement really began to gain momentum.

One thing that turned many people off about spelt before its comeback was it’s hard outer shell. However, others see this as one of its best benefits: the shell protects the kernel’s flavor and nutritional value, and keeps it safe from pests and pesticides.

Nutritional profile

Shown here is the main nutritional profile of spelt (from SeedGuides.info):

As shown, spelt contains more fiber than quinoa, less carbs than cornmeal, and less fat than amaranth!

Here are some of the best benefits to consuming spelt:

It’s easy to digest
The gluten present in spelt makes it water soluble, which means it can be easily broken down inside the body.

It’s packed with fiber
As a rich source of fiber, spelt reduces LDL cholesterol levels, and aids in digestion by helping to break down foods in the body.

It protects the body
The nutrients in spelt regulates the amount of glucose and insulin in the body, lowering blood sugar. It also has the potential to reduce the risk of childhood asthma and protect the body against stroke, diabetes, and obesity. The calcium in spelt also helps to strengthen the bones and teeth.

It contains so many essential vitamins and minerals
Niacin: lowers cholesterol and supports adrenal gland function
Manganese - boosts nutrient absorption, adds digestive enzymes, and powers immune system defenses
Magnesium - substantially lowers risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Learn more about Magnesium in our recent blog post.
Copper, Iron, and Zinc: these help transport oxygen through the blood and relax blood vessels
Thiamin: Supports the immune system by stimulating the body’s defense mechanisms

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As you can see, spelt is a very healthy alternative to wheat, and has countless benefits for our health!


How can you see yourself integrating spelt into one of your meals?

WARNING: Spelt contains gluten. However, many people are less sensitive to spelt than to wheat or other gluten-containing grains. If you are gluten-sensitive, consult your doctor before consuming.

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