Goji Berries 250 gm
  • Goji Berries 250 gm

Goji Berries Organic 1000 gm

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Goji Berries Organic 1000 gm-Inner Mongolia 


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Organic Goji Berries/wolf berries are a power house tiny superfood.  They are small red berries grown in the south of China.  Goji berries have earned the title “superfood” because of their nutrient density and antioxidant content packed in a small volume. If you’ve never tried  goji berries they taste like a raisin and a cranberry mixed together.

  • •Complete Protein,
  • •High in Fiber
  • •Healthy fats
  • •Vitamin C
  • •Vitamin A
  • •Vitamin B2
  • •Calcium 
  • •Zinc 
  • •Selenium
  • •Iron 
  • •Potassium
  • •Beta-carotene
  • •Zeaxanthin
  • •Lycopene
  • •Cryptoxanthin
  • •Lutein
  • •Polysaccharides

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