Pea Protein - Chocolate 100gm
  • Pea Protein - Chocolate 100gm

Pea Protein & Organic Cacao Powder 100 grams

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Organic Pea Protein & Cacao Powder 100 gm


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Pea protein is a great protein powder for vegans or anyone who wants to avoid lactose in their diet. Our Pea protein is plant-based protein stemming from split peas, it does not contain any whey or gluten, which are potential allergens for those suffering coeliac disease, and food intolerances. Our pea protein is made using certifiedNon GMO ingredients, taking it one step further in purity, and delivers a fantastic 80% protein per serving (a truly impressive amino acid profile).

Pea protein has a complete spectrum of amino acids. Pea protein's amino acid content and protein levels put it on a par with whey protein powders without the potential for allergic responses or triggering digestive issues.  Pea protein powder is an excellent way for anyone to improve their daily protein intake. 

This delicious mix of  Pea protein, Organic Cacao (chocolate)  is  delicious & very nutritious and a must have in your pantry.

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