Teff Grain 1kg

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Teff Grain 1kg ...Gluten Free , High Protein & Fiber ....Sth Africa 

While teff is a seed and not actually a grain at all, it can be used in many of the same ways. Also, it boasts a few nutritional advantages that aren’t found in a lot of other grains as well as some universal wholegrain benefits. It’s worth asking why teff is all of the sudden surfacing as a healthy option. Teff is not new but has been relatively unknown in developing countries until now. But now that it has our full attention, we’re noticing things that make it a nice addition to a healthy diet (Percentages based on a 150g serving size of teff flour).


Teff’s mother country, Ethiopia, is famous for its long-distance runners. Some attribute the health of these runners to teff. Ethiopians get about two-thirds of their protein from this tiny grain. In 150g serving of flour made from teff, our bodies can access 25% of our daily value for protein.


Teff is a good source of dietary fiber including resistant starch .


Teff contains no gluten and thus can provide many of the health benefits and food that we’re used to without damaging our digestive system.


Teff  contains 69% of our daily value of magnesium. 

Vitamin B6

We can access 10% of our daily value of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin) in a serving of teff. Vitamin B6 helps out all over the place. 


Zinc is an ally to our immune systems and genetic code.  A serving of teff can provide 10% of our needed zinc.


And the winner is tiny teff! Teff easily leads the grains in calcium content (123 mg/1 cup cooked teff). This is almost 5 times more than whole wheat. We all know what that means for our bones and teeth!

Vitamin C

This is something special about teff. Most grains don’t boast vitamin C content. But teff is actually a good source of the vitamin so crucial to our immune system, body tissues, and skeletal system.

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