Fermented Raw Cacao Nibs 100gram

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Fermented Raw Cacao Nibs 100gram - Probiotic 

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Our superior quality fermented cacao has preserved minerals, 50% butter content, fully active phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals, and bioactive micro-organisms (lactobacillus). The breakthrough to eliminate 99% moisture, thus ensuring a higher concentration value was also achieved. No machine grinding was required or is necessary as a result of Thai Freeze Dry’s proprietary process for transitioning a source product into a powder or granule. Invariably most dried cacao products have a moisture content in excess of 7%, which means the consumer is paying for a shortened shelf-life, not to mention, paying also for the water content of the product.

In summary,

Extending the fermentation process
Eliminating the application of heat and or any unnatural temperatures being necessary
Eliminating mechanical grinding or any grinding process.
Eliminating over 99% moisture
Eliminating all contaminates, pathogens, mould and chemicals
Preserving the pro-bacteria and bioavailability of the fermented cacao.
Preserving the nutritional value
Preserving the butter which makes up 50% of the cacao bean
No mechanical grinding being required

Dosage 1 small teaspoon per day 

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