Sauerkraut Bio Organic 360 gram

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Demeter Bio Organic Sauerkraut 360 gram 

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Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) has a long and noble history, valued for its health benefits and a staple of Central Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries (German migrants took it to America in the 18th century – where it remains just as popular today).

Why is sauerkraut good for us? 
The act of fermentation – achieved simply by shredding and mashing the cabbage with salt and letting the beneficial lacto – bacteria naturally present in the cabbage do their magic, preserves and predigests all its valuable nutrients, making them more bio-available. As a bonus, the fermentation process produces B vitamins and the probiotic bacteria thrive and multiply.

What are its nutritional and health benefits?
Sauerkraut contains a powerful cocktail of gut- friendly bacteria, dietary fibre, and vitamins and minerals vitamins A, C & K, and iron. Its long list of health benefits include improving digestive health, stimulating the immune system, protecting the heart and circulation, and improving endocrine function. It’s also said to contribute to eye health, to be good for your brain, and to offer some protection against some cancers.


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