• Borax Powder - commercial grade -1000 grams

Borax Powder - commercial grade -1000 grams

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Commercial Grade Borax 1000gram


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Commercial Grade Borax 1 kilo

Please note this is not food grade borax and should not be taken internally.

Handy Borax tips for green house keeping


- A mixture of borax and sugar or honey will attract and kill ants

- Sprinkle borax powder around your refrigerator and stove as a cockroach deterrent.

General washing

- For pre-soaking, one tablespoon of Borax per gallon of water. Allow to soak for 30 minutes

- Safe to use on colors, add half a cup of borax for a brighter wash and to boost your washing detergent's cleaning power

General deodorizer

- Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Borax in a quart of warm water and use as a refrigerator wipe/deodorizer.

Mold and mildew

- For outdoor furniture and bathroom tiles, mix a teaspoon earth friendly dish washing liquid and one teaspoon borax with one quart warm water. Pour in a spray bottle, spray on furniture/tiles, allow to sit, rinse and then air dry.


- Sprinkle Borax on pots and pans and rub with a damp sponge or cloth to remove stains and buildup - using Borax in this way will not scratch your cookware


- In a half bucket of warm water add a third of a cup of Borax and a teaspoon of earth friendly dish washing detergent

Pet accidents

- Half a cup of borax in with your wash to rid of smells

- A quarter cup of borax in your toilet, let sit, then brush around toilet bowl sides. This will also help deodorize the toilet brush

Warning: its *relatively* safe to use. Given its insecticidal properties, that indicates that it does have some level of toxicity and should therefore be treated with care. Ingesting Borax is certainly not recommended.

Its always advisable to wear gloves when handling borax as it can cause skin irritation for some people. Borax should also not be inhaled.

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