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Probiotic Capsule EM Pro

Probiotic 60 Capsules

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    Includes a full spectrum of beneficial micro-flora to provide
    powerful probiotic support for the restoration of the body’s
    digestive & immune systems

    • Powerful Digestive & Immune System Support
    • Absorption of Nutrients Support
    • Balance Candida Over-growth Support
    • Weight-Loss & Weight Maintenance Support
    • Synergistic micro-flora for Detox Support
    • No GMO, only natural micro-flora used
    • No soy, wheat, animal or preservatives
    • No Refrigeration, Stable & long lasting
    • Simple & Easy to Use

    Helps to eliminate compounds that produce “dis-ease” in our bodies all the while boosting our nutrition. Works to detox the whole digestive system, helps to supply bio-available nutrients (naturally synthesized enzymes, vitamins & other anti-oxidants) to the body plus supports the restoration of beneficial micro-flora in the digestive track that are responsible removing toxins from our bodies naturally.

    EM-PRO Probiotic capsule product contains the following colony forming micro-flora communities:
    1. Bacillus subtilis / Obligated Aerobic Bacteria
    2. Bacillus licheniformis / Facultative Bacteria
    3. Lactobacillus / Obligated Anaerobic Bacteria
    4. Yeast / Facultative Bacteria

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