Probiotic Capsule EM Pro
  • Probiotic Capsule EM Pro

Probiotic Capsule EM Pro

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Probiotic 60 Capsules


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Includes a full spectrum of beneficial micro-flora to provide
powerful probiotic support for the restoration of the body’s
digestive & immune systems

• Powerful Digestive & Immune System Support
• Absorption of Nutrients Support
• Balance Candida Over-growth Support
• Synergistic micro-flora for Detox Support
• No GMO, only natural micro-flora used
• No soy, wheat, animal content or preservatives
• No Refrigeration, Stable & long lasting
• Simple & Easy to Use

EM-PRO Probiotic capsule product contains the following colony forming micro-flora communities:
1. Bacillus subtilis / Obligated Aerobic Bacteria
2. Bacillus licheniformis / Facultative Bacteria
3. Lactobacillus / Obligated Anaerobic Bacteria
4. Yeast / Facultative Anaerobe

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The EM probiotic on your site is the best one I’ve ever tried.

The EM probiotic on your site is the best one I’ve ever tried. I had IBS-C my entire life and tried a bunch of probiotics, prebiotics, restrictive diets and with the exception of eating only fatty meat and rice which is unsustainable, nothing worked as well as this one.

After using the EM pro probiotic, I’m able to eat a lot of foods that would previously give me constipation (e.g. oatmeal and bread) and my digestion is the best it has ever been. - Oskar Faarkrog, Certified Personal Trainer

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