Jolly Good Grass Fed Ghee 360ml

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Grass Fed Ghee - Clarified Butter 360ml 


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Jolly Good Ghee is made from Grass fed cows free from harmful chemical pesticides,artificial hormones &GMO's.Our Ghee is packed with vitamins A,E, and K, as well as omega-3 and omega-9. We use a slow cooking method on a low flame for several hours in a ghee pot to remove the milk solids and all the impurities making it safe for anyone with lactose intolerance.What remains is pure premium cooking oil : the essence of butter that has delicious, nutty flavor with a whopping high smoke point of 250 C 485° F perfect for sauteing, frying and roasting without the risk of creating any harmful radicals or oxidative. Our Ghee is made in small batches with great attention to each Jar our process is slow and meticulous - each batch of ghee takes about 12 - 14  hours to clarify and set. 

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Jolly Good Ghee

We love Jolly Good Ghee and our home can’t do without it. It’s fresh, tastes great and smells nice.


Jolly Good Ghee

This is one of the best Ghee I have come across. It smells good and is super delicious!

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