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Mouth Wash Organic 240 ml

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Mouth Wash Organic 240 ml

This mouth wash is made from organic products , shake the bottle well before use , the sediment is from the organic materials used.

Ingredients : Distilled water ,Witch Hazel extract ,Organic Glycerine ( palm free), Aloe Vera leaf juice ,Spearmint leaf oil , Organic Chlorophyll , Menthol Crystals , Potasssium sorbate.

Your mouth is filled with bacteria , that is a good thing !! There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people on

the planet . A huge number of them actually  benefit you by protecting against the more dangerous bacteria .

When you use a commercial alcohol based mouth wash , it kills all kinds of bacteria , even the good ones!! This is the

opportunity the hazardous bacteria need to take over the colony !! this is known as the "rebound effect".

If you suffer from dry mouth or ulcers in your mouth, using an alcohol-based mouthwash can make these problems worse.

These types of mouthwash actually dry out the tissue in the mouth as they evaporate, causing more dry mouth and

irritating sores in your mouth.

You may also find that soda, red wine, coffee and tea stain your teeth more easily if you use an alcohol mouthwash. This is

because your teeth and gums are losing their protective shield that’s being washed away by the mouthwash.



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Ingredients & Diet Organic
Health Topic Women's Health, Men's Health
Manufacturer Macrobiotic World Physis
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