Jiaogulan Tea Powder 50 gram

Jiaogulan Tea Powder 50 Gram High Concentrate , please click the download link for more information .

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    Jiaogulan (“jow-goo-lan”) is, native to S. W. China, known for the longevity of its inhabitants where it is called “Xiancao” or “Herb of Immortality.” In Thailand and throughout S.E. Asia, jiaogulan has been used for centuries, taken in the morning to provide energy and after work to relive fatigue.

    Jiaogulan maintains vital functions, increases endurance, provides resistance to injurious stimuli and promotes individual core health with strong potential for prevention as well as healing. It is an effective adjunctive therapy to reduce side effects and speed recovery when used in conjunction with more aggressive Western treatments (such aschemotherapy) we may require for healing.

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