Sacha Inchi Organic Protein Powder 500gram

Organic Sacha Inchi Protein Powder 500gram

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    Sacha Inchi is an incredible, Organic , chemical-free source of protein, nutrients and omegas. It is ideal for athletes, vegetarians, vegans and all health conscious individuals and is possibly the most potent non-animal food known to man. Of all the plant-based proteins known, the proteins and nutrients in Sacha Inchi are the easiest to digest. This means your body gets the benefits quickly and easily - with maximum absorption and assimilation. 60% protein from a plant !!!

    You get all this goodness but no high temperature processing, deodorizing, preservatives or additives. All the contents in Sacha Inchi are formulated and balanced by nature - that's why Sacha Inchi is so highly (99%) digestible and easy to take - there's not even any flavour added - it has a great nutty taste all on its own. Remember your body only gets as much protein as you digest, the rest gets wasted. Kilo for kilo that makes Sacha Inchi the most efficient plant-based protein powder on the market.

    • Complete Protein
    • Highly digestible (99%)
    • Whey free
    • Muscle growth and maintenance

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