Lemongrass Mosquito Incense Coil

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Lemongrass Mosquito Incense Coil- 12 Coils - Chemical Free -Lemongrass , Citronella & Bergamot.

Not many people know about it, but the damage done to your lungs by one mosquito coil is equivalent to the damage done by 100 cigarettes."

                                                                       - Sandeep Salvi, Chest Research Foundation Director

To avoid exposure from harmful chemically complex mosquito-coil smoke, usage of natural mosquito repellents is one of the best alternative methods.

Studies have shown that the best natural mosquito repellents usually contain more than just one type of oil.

Essential oils used in natural mosquito repellents

Lemon eucalyptus oil
Geranium oil
Soybean oil
Clove oil
Celery extract
Neem oil
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