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Himalayan Salt Black 250gram Fine

Black Himalayan Salt - Kala Namak 250gram Fine

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    Kala namak is a volcanic rock salt that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a digestive stimulant and beneficial for diseases of the digestive system. It helps with food digestion and increases appetite. Its distinct sulfurous odor and taste makes it popular with vegans and vegetarians.
    Here is the chemical breakdown:
    NaCl - 97% (min)
    Calcium - 0.13g/100gram
    Magnesium - 0.14g/100gram
    Sulphate (So4) 1.1g/100gram
    Iron (Fe) - 24.2 ppm
    Heavy metals
    Lead (Pb) - 0.19mg/kg
    Arsenic (As) 0.04mg/kg
    Copper (Cu) 0.72mg/kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 0.01mg/kg
    Mercury (Hg) 0.01mg/kg

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