Moringa Massage Oil 30ml

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30ml Moringa Massage Oil , Cold Pressed , Chemical Free , Organically Grown & FDA Approved .  

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Benefits of WNC Moringa Oil.

WNC Moringa oil is super rich in Vitamin A & E and antioxidants (substances that prevent skin cell damage due to oxidization caused by various reasons like pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and food etc.). We take effective measures to retain the Vitamin A and E in WNC Moringa oil. 

Moringa oil is a very potent oil because of its high antioxidants which also makes it very stable and hence the oil doesn’t go rancid for a very long time. WNC Moringa oil helps minimize dark spot and works as natural Skin Moisturizer.

High level of antioxidants and vitamin A Builds Skin Collagen Naturally & E that’s helps the skin to overcome the signs of ageing, repair and protects the skin from any type of free radical effects.

It is one of the most popular natural food for skin and hair health. Being loaded with vitamin A & E, it not only helps fight skin damage but also helps reverse the damage. 

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa oil helps even skin tone and also fight acne. In fact, it is a boon for those with acne prone skin. It has also been used for centuries as a natural anti-aging agent

That’s not all, this miracle oil can help you with skin allergy or fungal infections like ringworm etc. as it is rich in anti-bacterial properties.

Although dense with nutrients, Moringa oil is not heavy on the skin and gets absorbed completely without making you look oily. It moisturizes skin smoothly and helps even out skin tone.

Not just skin, Moringa oil can be very helpful for a dry and itchy scalp or dry and frizzy hairs. It helps get rid of split ends and problems like dandruff or hair fall. By providing scalp and hairs much-needed nutrition, moringa oil helps prevent early greying of hairs too.

After seeing the amazing properties and uses of Moringa oil, we can say that it is the miracle product for all your skin and hair care issues. Its highly recommend to use moringa oil for daily use. 

When to Apply:

Its best advised to massage with WNC Moringa Oil before sleep on your face. Put few drops of moringa oil on your palm and massage on your face, Moringa Oil does not clog pores, it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and start its work. 

It is advisable to apply Moringa Oil in case of dryness. Also most of us work in Air conditioners due to which the moisture from our skin goes away so apply WNC Moringa Oil on the dry part just massage for few seconds and the oil will go insite your skin without making you oily at all.

Moringa Oil is proven to be the best natural makeup remover. Also incase of Dry Skin WNC Moringa Oil can be applied as a makeup base before make up.

Since Moringa Oil is anti-fungal and anti-septic it can be applied on any part of your skin where you have such problems like itching, rashes, inflammation and dryness.

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