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Chiang Da 60 capsules

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Chiang Da - 60 Capsules 

•Very popular among Thai people to combat diabetes ...this is freeze dried using zero heat , no crushing involved , this is a "living plant "in powder form .
•Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India for more than 2000 years to control the presence of
carbohydrates in urine and diabetes.
•Used as a stimulant, laxative, Diuretic, and Stomachic, anti
•It is also used in the diseases of heart, piles, asthma, bronchitis, biliousness and
cures burning sensation. It stimulates the heart, urinary disorders.
•It avoids the harmful effects of
insulin. The Indian name Gumar or Gurmar literally means “Sugar Killer”.
•Used in treatment of obesity and to control glucose level of diabetes. Its regular use will help keep
blood sugar level within acceptable limits.

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