Carob Powder 100 grams
  • Carob Powder 100 grams

Carob Powder 100 grams

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Carob Powder 100gram - Italy


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Carob Powder 90 grams

Carob powder is a great substitue for cocoa and cacao powder


  • No caffeine, no theobromine (both are stiumlants)
  • low in fat
  • high in fiber
  • calcium
  • Sweet
  • Contains pectin, a soluable fiber

The carob  pod contains a sweet, edible pulp. Once it is dried and roasted, the pulp is ground into carob powder.

Carob is simmilar to cocoa powder in color and can be substituted one-for-one in recipes.

Carob does has a unique special flavour and texture. Traditionally, it was used to soothe an upset stomach.

Origin Italy

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