Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 100gram

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 Hericium Erinaceus -Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 100gram


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  • Nutropic 
  • Anti Oxidant 
  • Sleep Aid 
  • Anti Inflamatory 
  • Immune Booster 
  • Serving size 1 teaspoon 

Lion's Mane 100% fruiting body powder.

Dose rate is 1 to 2 g per day.

This powder is made from 100% fruiting bodies.  Many people process the mycelium and the substrate on which the mushroom grow, but the power and health benefits are strongest in the fruiting bodies.  This is not an extract, but a full spectrum powder that includes all the co-factors of the mushroom as it grows in nature.

Polysaccharides are 54,000 parts per million (5.4%).

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