Mushroom Complex Powder 100gram

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 10 Mushroom Complex Powder 100gram


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Contain 10 mushroom powder :

-Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium 10g

-Cordyceps Miliraris 10g

-Vitamin D2 Shitake 10g

-Zhuling Mushroom 10g

-Chaga Mushroom 10g

-Reishi Mushroom 10g

-Shaggy Mane 10g

-Maitake 10g

-Lions Mane 10g

-Turkey Tail 10g

  • Serving size 3g. Add to any juice, water, Smoothie, alternative milk

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Great product

I had my first cup of this yesterday. I was concerned about the taste and the 'mix' ability of it. First of all, it basically has no taste, second, it mixes just fine! After drinking a cup I felt a difference in my energy levels. Recommend this product.

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