Inulin Prebiotic 100gram

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Inulin / soluble dietary fiber made from Thai sugar cane 100gram

Inulin has numerous functions and health benefits. As it is a polymerized fructose, which is a NON digestible form of sugar by our human stomach and intestines, acting as prebiotics with intestinal regulation effect. Its estimated calorific value is approx 1.5-2kcal/g.

  • Dietary fiber: inulin with daily meals can contribute to a balanced diet, improving your gut health.
  • Prebiotics: inulin improves intestinal flora, thereby increasing stool excretion. 
  • Improves calcium absorption: inulin is effective in promoting calcium absorption and increasing bone density.
  • Suppression of triglyceride: inulin decreases triglyceride in blood and the cholesterol in the liver
  • Suppression of blood sugar level: as inulin is a long-chained fructose, i.e. non-digestible type of sugar, it does not raise the blood sugar level by itself.
  • Low calorie: our body does not digest inulin, it is only utilized when it reaches the large intestine to nourish gut bacteria.

Nutritional information

2.5 G PER SERVING (APPROX 1 TEASPOON). Calories: 5kcal, Protein, 0g, Fat 0g, total carbohydrates 2.4g, sugar 0.1g, fiber 2.3g (net carb 0.1g), sodium 0.3g

How to take

It has about 10% the sweetness of sugar. You can add some in baked goods or ice cream. It dissolves in liquid so you can add it to your coffee or shakes. MAKE SURE YOUR SPOON IS DRY, as water has negative impact on the products. Make sure that the bag is sealed properly.

How much to take

As a dietary supplement, take a teaspoon, up to 6g a day with water or drink, or as directed by a physician. If you experience stomach upset, reduce the dosage.  

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