Stevia Liquid 90ml
  • Stevia Liquid 90ml

Stevia Liquid 90ml

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Stevia Liquid Drops 90ml -Spain

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Introducing the new natural sweetener from Stevia rebaudiana plant. Its leaves contain steviol glycosides, active principles with a sweetening power 300 times that of sugar. It can be used to replace sugar and synthetic sweeteners in foods and beverages, hot and cold. To prepare the Santiveri sweetener Stevia, a natural process is used to extract the sweet glycosides from the plant using only water and filters, without using chemical solvents. Santiveri sweetener Stevia, has many advantages and applications: -

•Contains no gluten or lactose .

•It comes in liquid form, 90 ml bottle ( 4 drops equals 1 teaspoon of sugar)

Ingredients . Water, steviol glycosides, acidulant (lactic acid), potassium sorbate.

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