Chaga Mushroom Powder Organic 50 gram
  • Chaga Mushroom Powder Organic 50 gram

Chaga Mushroom Powder Organic 50 gram

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Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder 50gram - Canada


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The Chaga mushroom, Inonotus obliquus is an ancient folk remedy that has been valued for its health benefits for centuries. Chaga mushrooms are often compared to similar fungi like the Reishi, Shitake, Maitake and Oyster mushrooms. Chaga is a unique polypore fungi that grows on living trees. A symbiotic relationship is formed between the Chaga mushroom and its host that can sustain one another during their entire lifespan of up to 20 years. 

chaga mushrooms on birch treeChaga Mushrooms may be found on wounded or dying white birch trees in temperate forests around the northern hemisphere. Chaga looks like encrusted black formations; the sterile conk or mycelium grows out of wounds sustained after storms and other impacts that break branches.  Chaga covers the tree's wound and protects it from invading micro organisms.  The host tree and the Chaga can co-exist for many years and the mushroom can be harvested up to three times over the course of its lifetime.  

Chaga is known as the king of herbs in Chinese Medicine because it has one of highest ORAC ratings and contains 215 phytochemicals. Arctic Chaga, harvested in the remote Alaskan wilderness, possesses extraordinary antioxidant properties, making it the world’s most potent superfood. These extreme conditions give the Arctic Chaga the highest ORAC rating of all Chaga in the world at 2301.

Medicinal use of the Chaga mushroom dates back to 200 B.C. in China, Russia, Northern Europe and North America. Chaga has made a resurgence in popularity amongst those seeking health and longevity, as research into the mushroom’s immune boosting qualities hits the mainstream. Chaga’s powerful adaptogenic qualities make it one of the easiest and most effective ways in the world that you can supercharge you health.

Use a small teaspoon into a cup to make a delicious tea , let it sit for 5 mins before consuming.

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