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Our Good Karma Story

We believe that acting with good intentions, and that creating and sharing goodness will always manifest Good Karma. The idea of helping to shape a positive, loving and kind world is a strong focus for us because we feel that this can have a wonderful ripple effect.

So what is Good Karma when it comes to your health and food choices?

Good Karma eating is as simple as can be: comprise most of your meals of plants instead of animals, and wherever possible choose unprocessed plant foods, meaning that they come from the garden or field, straight to your kitchen with minimal interference.

This way of eating gives you good karma in two ways. The first is self-explanatory: by eating foods of high nutrient density and avoiding animal products and processed foods your body can have trouble dealing with, you’ll reap the rewards of improved health.

The second is a little bit more mystical: you do good and you get good back.

Why Good Karma?

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