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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic healthcare system that has been practiced for over 2,500 years in China and other parts of East Asia. Herbal medicine and dietary therapy is an important modality within TCM, which uses natural substances such as plants, minerals, and animal products to promote the body's natural healing process and restore balance to the body.

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  1. Goji Berries Organic
    Goji Berries Organic
    As low as THB 365.00
  2. reishi
    Reishi Mushroom Organic Capsules
    As low as THB 595.00
  3. Lions Mane Capsule
    Lions Mane Mushroom Organic Capsules
    As low as THB 595.00
  4. Cordyceps Complex Capsules
    Cordyceps Complex Organic Capsules
    As low as THB 595.00
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